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In-Store Services

We Fix Your Computer Hardware Problems
Whether you need laptop repair, desktop repair, screen replacement, data recovery, or virus removal, we have professional technicians who can solve any computer problem. We provide remote services that are safe and secure to solve any computer problem.
We specialize in data recovery from hardware failure. Most types of data can be recovered, despite the damage, before tossing your computer, let us help you recover your important pictures, music, videos and documents.
Descriptions and Tips of Computer Services
Wipe and reload services along with device driver installations should repair systems damaged by a virus, etc. The process repairs all varied damage by redoing the format and operating system from scratch. It will however, also destroy any data (pictures, documents, music, etc.) that were not previously backed up. All over drivers (for external modems, printers, cameras, etc.), and user-programs (email, office apps, games, etc.), are presumed to be reinstalled by the customer unless we’ve specifically contracted to do so.
Software Repair Services may not remain viable if there are unknown incompatibilities or issues.  Often it takes the attempt to first repair software issues that reveal issues with the hardware.  Be careful, freshly-repaired computers can be infected the first moment they are re-exposed to the internet or infected data.
Hardware Repair Servicers are often diagnosed by successively installing good working components and seeing if the problem goes away to identify the failing component.  Beyond using diagnostic software, devices that fail intermittently can be very difficult to identify.  Neither we, nor or competitors have the specialized testing equipment to fully test CPU’s motherboards, RAM, etc. Hardware can fail at any time, even when it is in our possession.  Failing hardware can in turn, create additional damage, which can then fail later.
Laptop & Phone Repair Services may present multiple problems.  Power Jack & Screen replacements for example, carries the risk that the repair might reveal that there may be damage further in which is not knowable until the replacement in in place.  If the motherboard is damaged, often the device is not worth repairing.
Data Backup & Recovery Services may not yield usable data if the data is damaged, non- existent or stored on failing hardware.  We will attempt to get what data there is in whatever state it is in.
There are countless reasons to have problems. Having worked on an item in the recent or distant past, even if “we were the last ones to have touched it,” doesn’t make us responsible for any new or reoccurring problems. We may opt at our discretion to reevaluate our products or services at no charge as long as it is brought to our attention within a week of the payment date.
Specialized Computer Training
We offer one on one and group training here in the shop or at your site on our computer or yours. We can train on a wide variety of computer subjects ranging from basic computer use and maintenance to specific business applications. All training is arranged by appointment. Students are encouraged to express their specific knowledge goals and task projects. Students may bring in their own computers. Most sessions range between 1 and 3 hours and are charged at $50 / hr. in shop and $70 / hr. on site.
Get More Out of Your Computer with Specialized Instruction
You want to get more out of your PC or Mac, and that's something we can help with. However, you won't be bored getting cookie-cutter instruction from us. Instead, you'll get personalized help that is specifically suited toward what you want to learn the most!
Before you know it, you will not only be comfortable with your new computer but you'll also be able to take advantage of features that you didn't even know how to use before!
On-Site Help, Telephone-Based Help and More for Your Convenience
You don't have to come to us to get the help that you need. Take advantage of our convenient on-site assistance, or even get help over the telephone, if that works better for you.
  • One on One Training In Store
  • Group Training by Appointment
  • Training On How to Work a Computer/Computer Program
PC, Laptop, and Projection Rentals
Need a computer or projector for your event? We rent PCs, laptops, and projection monitors for $100 a week.​
Phone and Tablet Repairs
Before you replace your phone or tablet, give us a chance to take a look. Our experts will do a complete diagnostic inspection of your phone or tablet and see if repairs can be made for far less than the replacement value. Contact us today to set up an appointment on any of the services we provide. No repair is too small or too difficult for us to handle.
We Can Fix Any Computer Problem
  • Software Reconfiguration & Reloads
  • PC & Apple, Desktop & Laptop Hardware Repair
  • Laptop Screens, Ram, Power Jacks, Hard Drives
  • Virus Removal, Data Recovery and Backup
  • Upgrades, Custom-Builds and More
Don't struggle with repairing your own computer while risking further damage - bring it to us for quick, convenient repairs!
Taking the "hard" out of hardware!
Can't wait for repairs? Ask about our computer and projector rentals!

(530) 221-6000

  • PC & Apple Computers
  • New & Used Computer Sales
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Desktop & Laptop Repairs
  • Network & Internet Set Up
  • Home Theater Set Up
  • Cable & DSL Installation
  • Printer, iPad, Tablets, Phones Repair
  • Expedited Repairs
  • Data Back Up & Recovery
  • Hardware  & Software Installation
  • Virus, Spyware, Pop-up Removal
  • Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Computer, Printer & Projector Rental
  • Remote Over Internet Repair
  • Video Surveillance Set Up

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No matter your level of comfort with computers, you can be a pro in no time with our help. Get computer instruction, have us set up or repair your computer, and more!


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