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CloudCompanion is a next generation computer protection service. Harnessing the efficiency of the internet, state of the art software and skillful U.S. based technicians to empower you to prevail against the ever-increasing technological dangers we face today. We help you discover and avoid serious issues before they become catastrophic problems and quickly recover from potentially ruinous disaster.
Convenient and effective, CloudCompanion implements vital preventative maintenance procedures automatically. You are spared the frustration of perpetually updating and optimizing operating systems and essential applications. Leading antivirus and sophisticated remote monitoring tools, progressively probe for threats and failures, sustaining a safe and productive IT environment. Dedicated techs review and pursue any indication that the operational integrity and efficiency of your IT assets may be at risk. This creates opportunities to help prevent the possibility of cyber-attack and mechanical disaster.
When critical situations do arise, you are promptly notified and advised.  CloudCompanion’s innovative monitoring and alerting service, features personal access to our techs through live screen connect, chat, phone and email. This affords the incredible advantage of having the option to converse directly with a live and informed technician, better understanding and fully benefiting from valuable insight and experienced advice when you need it. If repair or equipment replacement becomes necessary, your technician keeps you productive helping identify the type of service needed and connecting you with our trusted, brick and mortar based repair partners.
Engineered for business yet economical for the home, CloudCompanion is exceedingly affordable and compares with traditional full featured managed services providers “MSPs” offerings for a fraction of the cost. You pay for expensive break fix solutions only when you need them.
CloudCompanion can be enhanced as desired with add-ons. Secure cloud backup adds another level of protection for your irreplaceable data. Encrypted copies of your crucial files are automatically transmitted to a secure off-site facility to insure 100% worry-free disaster recovery. Employee monitoring, parental controls and internet content limiting is easily achievable with our customizable web activity logging and blocking service.
The Way We Do It
Professional computer maintenance and monitoring requires a skilled and experienced human to interpret technical logs and live performance data. With CloudCompanion, you have access to a real technology specialist, a virtual remote technician or VRT.
Your VRT does the work of staying alert for you. Safeguarding the health and reliability of your CloudCompanion connected machines from our network operations center, NOC. Computers needing protection, first have a comprehensive suite of plug and play remote monitoring and management RMM tools safely deployed during a “on boarding” procedure.
Once certified, up-to-date and ultra-responsive, “endpoint” based software “agents” provide best in class detection. Your VRT, operates unobtrusively in the background systematically supporting you with prompt and perceptive critical situation alerts emailed when deemed serious and action worthy.
Our integrated platform is simple and practical. Your VRT, streamlines understanding of technical symptoms into plain language. Personally compiling emailed summary reports, consolidating alerts, performance and backup status details. Executed task lists demonstrate our ongoing value.
CloudCompanion workstation package is the essential monitoring and alerting service for business or home. Designed to enhance internet-connected windows, mac and Linux based systems. It excels in its effective yet low-cost delivery of active protection, preventative maintenance and VRT supervised monitoring and alerting.
CloudCompanion server is the advanced and enhanced coverage package. It expands upon the workstation package performing extended business specific monitoring. Network and server outage detection, real-time webpage blocking, TCP port, CPU + ram usage, MS exchange and SQL servers and MS WSUS service customization and more. Perfect for servers other vitally relied upon systems.
Personal, Private, and Dedicated
You can rely on CloudCompanion to provide guidance with hardware and software, locate computer skills training, automated home and networking, video surveillance installers, rentals, cell phone and tablet services, forensic data recovery and more!
It is imperative to have a trustworthy and technologically adept IT resource partner you trust watching over your computers, so you focus on what matters. Call to sign up with our subscription service and begin benefiting from our affordable and essential computer protection today.
Martin Clark, Founder
When your computer is running slow or not working at all, we can help restore your computer to full functionality.
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